The Unit-e Team

The Unit-e team is a small crew of inventors, artists, engineers, and makers, who have been building games, gaming hardware, other other electronic gadgets for over 10 years. After two arcade games, timing systems for Ninja Warrior Gyms, arcade payment systems, and other ventures, we're finally releasing our first home product! A giant, playable, game controller!

  • Adam Geary

    Adam designs hardware solutions and provides drafting (CAD). He has a degree in naval architect and marine engineering from the Webb Institute of Naval Architecture. He also designs ships and systems for ships for Oceaneering and tinkers on the side.

  • Dominic Cerquetti

    Best known for his 5-year tenure as CEO of MAGfest (an annual festival that he grew from 2,000 to 25,000 attendees), Dom is an experienced game industry veteran with a specialty in audio and tools programming on AAA titles like Civilization, X-Com, Kingdoms Of Amalur, and Old World.

  • Dusty Peterson

    Dusty is a passionate generalist in addition to a 20-year IT veteran, dabbling in everything from software, to music, to metal fabrication. His diverse experience and humanist outlook give him a unique forward-thinking approach to problem solving.

  • Charles Lohr

    Charles is an Electrical and Computer Engineer with a masters degree in Computer Science from UMBC. He's developed embedded systems for over 10 years and an accomplished youtube hardware tinkerer, developing processes for glass circuit boards, mapping wifi in 3D and many others.

  • Eric Yockey

    Eric founded Unit-e in 2011. He has an MBA from the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, carries two degrees from the University of Baltimore, is certified in audio engineering from the Sheffield Institute for the Recording Arts, and was a Certified Personal Trainer with the NSCA.