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Nintable - Functioning Bluetooth Controller!

Nintable - Functioning Bluetooth Controller!

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The Nintable is a fully functioning battery powered wireless game controller the size of a coffee table! Pair it with your PC via Bluetooth, or use the included dongle to connect it directly to an original NES game system! Built to be spill resistant, extremely durable, and user-serviceable, this is a game controller built to last.

Available unfinished, stained, or fully stained and sealed, depending on your needs and budget. Also available with custom engraving for the "logo" on the top right! If you choose this option, we'll contact you after the sale to sort out the details.

NOTE: This product is hand-built in small batches. Depending on stock levels, there may be a 1-3 week lead time before shipping depending on the chosen finish. If you choose the "custom" logo option, lead time may be longer depending on image complexity and speed of correspondence.

Batteries and the wireless dongle are stored in a pop out drawer shown in the photos. Within the drawer is the pairing button for use when pairing Bluetooth or different dongles. The unit will enter sleep mode when no buttons are pressed for a few minutes and the batteries should last a few months in this state. The unit will awaken when the D-pad or B buttons are pressed and will automatically connect to the last device used.

The buttons all float on springs with replaceable Cherry MX microswitches. Drainage trenches carry the inevitable spilled drink away from the electronics and the table is easily opened for cleaning and maintenance. The legs are easily removable without tools for storage and portability.

That these tables are made from real, high quality Baltic Birch plywood, and differences in wood grain mean that no two tables will look exactly the same. As with any real wood product, there will always be differences in pattern and coloration.

Exact dimensions are W: 1200mm [47.2in] x L: 533mm [21.0in] x 450mm [17.7in]

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